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The Fantastic Fivesome

Submitted on: 07 Feb 13

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We’re trying something different here at; the world of porn has been growing and steadily becoming more mainstream. Now with this new exposure and credibility, comes a new found opportunity to add a bit of porn to your everyday life. With Smartphones we’ve transitioned into the era of mobile porn. Whichever way you want to skin that cat, and there are so many, you have to respect those who are trying to do something different.

I was able to catch up with a creator of a new Xbox game and ask him about the path he took to get it off the ground and into people’s living rooms and bedrooms. The creator, Angus, from Baller Industries was courteous enough to give me some time to talk about his game, The Fantastic Fivesome.

What prompted you to make The Fantastic Fivesome?

One day I was checking out adult games on New Grounds and some other websites, and they were all terrible. They weren’t fun to play, they involved a lot of repetition, boring story lines and bad user interfaces. I thought, “why would anyone play this shit?” Then I noticed one of the games had a hit counter on it. It had been out for ten years, and had been played over one hundred million times. “Hmmmm, there seems to be a huge market for this stuff.”

I immediately thought about making an adult video game. There are a lot of different types of adult games to make, lots of them are just normal games, with pornography placed in it. So it might be minesweeper, but if you win, you see a picture of a naked girl. I thought those were pretty crappy.

Then there were games where you would play against a virtual girl, and if you won she would take a piece of clothing off. The category of adult games I came to really like were the dating games. I have created numerous story line based games, Get Rich or Die Gaming, Rock Bottom and The Rise of Gaddafish. A dating game is pretty similar to a story line based game, so I could use artists and animators I had worked with before. I can’t remember when I decided it would be a good idea to involve porn stars in the project. “A dating game featuring porn stars,” it just sounded great. I told all my friends about it and they said it was a brilliant idea.

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What was the experience like of working with your favorite porn stars?

It is unbelievably difficult to get in contact with porn stars. After movie stars and athletes, they are probably the most harassed group of people in the world. So to get in contact with them, I used every means possible. I sent them emails, commented on blog posts, sent them messages to their Facebook pages and called agents. I probably sent out two hundred messages, and only about fifteen replied. I told them about my vision for the project, what I had done before, and what I would like them to do. I finally ended up with Kiki Daire, Miko Sinz, and Mariah Milano. The deal was, they would be voice actors in the game and would promote it on social media.

Do you see yourself creating more porn star themed games? Will this be Baller Industries’ niche?

It really depends on the response to this game, but I don’t think I will. It was quite difficult getting in contact with the actresses and working with them. Also, their fees are quite high.

How much will the game retail for?

$1.00 USD

Is it something you’ll want to create for smartphones?

Yes I think so, it will probably appear on iPhones first.

If paying a single $1 Greenback is something you’re willing to spend on a one day pass to enter a porn site, then it shouldn’t be too much of a long stretch to spend a whopping one dollar on a game you can keep and play on your Xbox (providing you have an Xbox)!

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